Can a wife refuse to lend money to husband in need

Can a wife refuse to lend money to husband in needCategory: RelationshipsCan a wife refuse to lend money to husband in need
Adnan asked 5 years ago

Assalam o Eleikum, 
Me and wife have been married for 6 years and have 2 children. We live abroad in a country but also rent a house in a nearby city. Both of these properties are rental and we do not own them. I pay for both rents, bills, their clothes, child education, bought her car, petrol and maintainance for both cars, and everthing else you can think of apart from her professional fees and indemnity insurance. I am in almost $50000 debt which I am trying to pay off in installments. I borrowed some money from her to pay some tax 2 yaers ago which I agreed to pay off but I have not been able to do that because of my other debts. I needed some money urgently for this years tax but she plainly refused to lend me anthing. I intend to give her money back inshaAllah when I have the means. She refuses to contribute for the expenses although I struggle to keep up with the expenses and my debt keep on increasing. Allah knows I had the intention to return her money when I had the means, but she fights with me if I bring up this subject. I never ask her about her income or her spending. She sends money to her mom but has quite a bit of savings. While I keep awake all night worried how will I pay this, she fights with me and insults me telling that its her money and I have no right over it. What should I do?