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Wasey asked 4 years ago

As-Salaam Ailkaium

I work in a company in which there was a requirement of buying things (one time office furniture) for
which i have introduced my friend’s dad company(individual business) with an
agreement that the profit would be shared between me & my friend (son)

The Company profile was created by me in the system & it got approved.

I have then prepared the quotation by keeping 70-80% profit margin (as I knew
the amount would be approved as I knew how the Purchasing system is designed

This quotation was the only quotation submitted & it got approved ( apprived
by the global management & not the local management as the P.O system is
designed in this structure.

The Items were bought after the Quotation was approved & delivered throught
the outside supplier. (No compromise on the quality)

The Profit which we got was divided equally.

Now My Question is the earning would be considered Halal or Haraam ( profit
already received ). as the company does not know that i am the one who
prepared the quotation & supplied the items.

I bought the items from the market & sold to the company in which i work.

Please do help me with this.

As i have already taken the profit ( did not use it ) & i did consult any
mufti before doing this business.
Can I use this profit amount to buy a car

Jazak Allah khair