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shaima asked 5 years ago

My brother told me he’s no longer muslim and I don’t know what to do. He used to be very practising, more so than me, and then things changed. I didn’t pay much attention to the change because he just came down to my level, which I didn’t really see as a bad thing. He’s apparently been pretending this whole time to keep up appearances. He told me he no longer believes and that every religion is manmade. I’m absolutely shocked. I could have never anticipated this. I’m the only one that knows at the moment and I hate having to deal with this alone. I haven’t told my parents because I know they will be absolutely heartbroken and understandably very upset. I think my parents would shout at him, but I don’t think yelling at him right now would be the best approach; considering everything he told me, it might just push him further away. He feels like he’s been lied to his whole life and doesn’t know what the truth is. He has a lot of questions, that I don’t honestly have the answers to. I’m not a scholar. I don’t have a rebuttal for a lot of the things he says. he said he’s extensively looked into and searched for answers to his doubts but none of the answers out there have satisfied him. He claims the Quran has too many holes and is full of contradictions as well as things he doesn’t see as fair or just.  He’s preemptively pushing everyone in his life away. I’m lost, my brother is unrecognizable to me, and I have no idea how I’m suppose to fix this. A part of me just wants to disconnect from him and focus on my life and the lives of my younger siblings and another part of me still sees the brother I once knew still in there and feels like its my job to bring him back. He’s an adult(25) and there is only so much I could do. Him and I have always been the closest among all my siblings,  which I think is the reason he shared this with me and It’s also the reason I feel like I cant just turn away from him. My brother not being muslim is not something I can ever be ok with. I don’t know where we go from here, especially if I can’t guide him back. We cant just go back to normal. I guess my question is: what should I do? should I tell my parents? Is love conditional? any advice would be so deeply appreciated.