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Shereen asked 5 years ago

Asalamu Alaikum..
i am in severe depression and pain and dont know how to start.
but i got into a relationship with a guy who was 7-8 years older than me. I was 16 then. He used to lure me into doing wrong things like sending pictures talking bad and i did. Then we got engaged and we kept doing haraam things all except sex.
but the abuses kept increasing as well. He use to call me all sorts of bad things that i cant even write here “bi***” being the smallest of insult. So u can imagine much worse. He insulted my parents and my brothers not in front of them but to me. 
His mother and sister supported all his acts and haraam deeds and forced me to follow with whatever he wanted me to do with him.
now that i had had enough of abuse and haraam i told my parents about the abise and wanted to break off the engagement. And my parents agreed. I asked day and night for maghfirah and have cried sleepless many many nights. Only Allah knows my heart.
but now they keep spreading rumours involving my families and saying i did all the haraam and ue wasnt involved in any. And its driving me crazy. Please asvice me any Surah or wazeefah to keep my sins hidden and protect me from such evil people…and will Allah forgive me..
i dont know how my future will be because i think of suicide all the time..