Breastfeeding and Mahrams

Breastfeeding and MahramsCategory: RelationshipsBreastfeeding and Mahrams
Jahatwa asked 4 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum,
If my wife breastfeeds her sisters newborn baby 5 times who is under the age of 2, I understand she will become a mother to that child and I a father to that child.
I also understand my father would be a grandfather to that child, my siblings would be paternal aunts/uncle’s to that child and so on.
The child would also become siblings with my own children, whether they are already born or not.
My question is – the breastfed child has older siblings. Since I am a father to the breastfed child, am I a father to the siblings of the breastfed child? Am I a mahram?
Example: wife’s sister has a baby girl. Wife breastfeeds the girl. The girl has 1 older sister. I am a father to the girl because my wife breastfed her – am I a father to the older sister also?