Boycotting chinese products

Boycotting chinese productsCategory: PoliticsBoycotting chinese products
Ahmed El-Sharda asked 4 years ago

Salam alaikum
I have a question regarding chinese products. Im begginning an amazon FBA business and for it to be sucessful I have get the products from china on a company site called Alibaba. This is because its the cheapest and practically only way to get unbranded products to sell on Amazon. There’s no other countires offering a service as advanced as alibaba. But with alibaba it’s chinese and various articles as well as American governments which state certain Chinese AI companies such as Sensetime are being used to track and imprison ugyhur muslim population. This company is partially funded by alibaba to develop AI algorithms to improve the company website which has many beneifts to Alibaba.Sensetime is also funded by the chinese government also. 
My question is, is it haram to use Alibaba due to what I have stated above as Im only using it to purchase products to sell on Amazon as all Amazon sellers use it.