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Maleyka asked 5 years ago

Im a girl that is 23 years old, I have currently failed university twice, I do not know what to do. I attended most classes except for the easiest and it is that one I have problems with. i dont want to have problems in university and disappoint myself and my family any further. I know anything happens on gods will but I rarely bring it up due to being asked ¨was it gods-will for you not to attend that class while attend others?¨ I am in a deep situation and i dislike myself alot, I havent been the best to pray and read quran I will not lie about it. I am doing my best to keep it up now, my health has not been at best either  but i care more about wanting to correct things in life. Is there a blockage in my life , is there a way to figure out? is it sihir, is it me just being stupid and lazy, please i need help, i do not know what to do, my family lost hope in me, i do not have anyone to turn to but allah SWT, i wish to make people around me proud, its all i want, but it is not what im getting. Every choice i get hit with an impossible outcome, please I need help
best regards, asc