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Maria chatat asked 4 years ago

Salam alekom,
I am in a very bad depression me and my husband have separated and I feel so lost with out him even though he was always out and talking with girls and hardly coming home I still feel lost with out him .I had to leave as his gambeling and women like no tomorrow we’re chatting to him on line and we were fighting all the time .
This all started when one of our old sick family members told me that he wants to make duaa for protection for mine and my husband’s marriage .
He asked me to write mine my husband mothers and father’s name their date of birth and name and our date of birth and name.
After this everything went wrong I didn’t think that it was any harm because he was old sick and said it was a duaa for protection but seems more like a curse we are now living separate and are not happy and our children are sad me and there dad are separated.
Please I need any advice that could bring my husband back home and save our marriage I miss him so much.