Black magic ?

Sharla asked 7 years ago

Salam , i have a question regarding black magic in islam. 
My first question is does black magic exist in islam ?
My second question is whether i have some sort of black magic on me and if so is there a cure to get rid of it.
Here is my brief story.
I have been with  a muslim brother for 6 years now.  I have wanted marriage as being a muslim girl i want a halal relationship rather then haram. Due to our age (22) he believes he is not ready for marriage.  This brother has cheated on me while with him and now has left me for another girl who is not muslim. I am having thoughts of suicide and have  attempted  to overdose and the pain i am feeling is getting worse. Could i have some sort of black magic on me as my friend who is also muslim got left by the guy she was with at the same time as me. Do we both have black magic on us ? The feelings i have seem to be getting stronger. It does not go away the feelings i feel are getting deeper everyday till the point it hurts and feels like i cant live with out him. I have research some symptons of black magic in islam  and i seem to have a fair few of the symptons.  What i am feeling seems to get worse everyday. After what his done to me i should have some sort of anger towards him but i dont seem to i feel myself falling more in love. I have serve depression  aswell and i am only 22.  If i have black magic on me please provide me with a cure to remove it.
Thank you and look forward to your reply inshallah