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Hasan asked 4 years ago

My mother she isn’t a righteous trying to improve my imaan but I’m also not a righteous men.I feel like My mom always raise her voice and shout at me without any reason and she also use very bad words.I was feeling like that im a mad guy and i was kinda depressed.I was trying be patient but today i have lost.I know that whatever my parents do i shouldn’t raise my voice against them but i did even worse than that i smacked (9-10 times) my mother in ramadan.I don’t know what to do?Im feeling bad but the it’s fading.I was about to ask forgiveness but after that she started to saying that”so this is your islam? i knew that u like this or that,this is your quran and hadeeth bla bla) Right now i don’t know what to do
Though i don’t have a good imaan and i have lots of error but still there is no doubt that i will be asked about this and this one thing can take me to hell. So please advise me.