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Kai Samar asked 4 years ago

 I had a dream where I was in the Middle East in a beautiful home where gold was everywhere, 3 men were sitting down at a table before me. One with a crown that sat in front of me. The other two men sat on the other side of the table. 
There I became to cry, none of the spoke, but I can hear a voice there in my dream was a ball of light laying on a menorah In that menorah four candle pieces were open and it was of the menorah was custom made.
the voice asked me if I’ve lost my faith and I began crying profusely saying I never lost faith I was angry at one point but I haven’t lost my faith uncontrollably crying saying I’m ready and that I’m giving my soul to you. The light was bright and beautiful i couldn’t look at it head on I had to look at it from the corner of my eye. I was in a boxed room.