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Sara anisa asked 5 years ago

Assalamu alaikom!
I’m the only daughter of my family and also the youngest of three. My father and I never had a close bond to each other, but he has a stronger one with my brothers. The problem is I have always disliked my father. I’m 17 years old now, but I’ve disliked him from 12-13 years old. We would not speak to each other, just a simple goodmorning and a hello. I didn’t like him because he would always scream in my face for little things and treated as a maid. I really dislike him. I was in my home country over the summer and I would ignore his calls and never speak to him. I lied and said that it didn’t work. He once told me that he would kick me out if I didn’t listen to him.
In recent time I started to hate him because he treated my mother poorly and would be disrespectful towards her and just mean. In April he took up his hand as if hes going to hit her in front of me and my brother. He would tell at my mom and tell her to shut up in front of us all. He has threatened to kick her out of the house if she disrespects him.
Although he was technically in my life, he was very absent. We would never speak to eachother and he practically missed all of my milestones. He would get mad at me and my brother when we were just kidding around with each other, and also make my brothers feel bad for watching the Simpsons. When we were little we would always sit with our mom or do activities with her, while he was in another room reading the news all alone.
3 days ago, my dad and I had a big fight. He came up screaming as he always do, I was fed up with him and told him that he wasn’t helping anything and that I’m not going to listen to him. He proceeded to ask my why I was in this house. My mother kept bugging me to say hi to him and I did it today. He started arguing saying that “i need to change my attitude” and I repsoned by telling him that I’m only doing it because of that mom told me to do it.
I now realise that I actually hate him, but islam says honour your parents. What should I do?