Artificial Nails Removal and Salah Validation

Artificial Nails Removal and Salah ValidationCategory: ReligionArtificial Nails Removal and Salah Validation
Bisma asked 4 years ago

I pray that you are doing well. I am a 20 year old female who is seeking to find her way back to religion (Alhumdulilah). Due to some life events and depression, I had fallen behind in practice for the past few months. I neglected zhikr, reading the Quran, and performing salah regularly. I am grateful to Allah SWT that He has enabled me to still feel the guilt even after months and placed in me the desire to return to Him in repentance. My question pertains to artificial nails and performing salah. 
I know from previous knowledge that wudu and ghusl are not valid if there is something covering the skin or nail, in this case artificial nails. During my period of not praying, I had gotten nail extensions using liquid gel that hardens once cured under LED/UV light. I watched many videos on proper removal and even ordered the equipment needed to take the fake nails off. My concern is, I have filed off the gel from the nail as much as I could, to the point that my nails now ache and are super weak and paper thin. Problem is, despite filing and following all the removal techniques, there is still a fine, thin layer of gel attached to my nail which I unfortunately cannot take off unless I’m willing to go through painful injury to my real nails. Ramadan is approaching soon too and I really just want to begin praying again and seek for repentance but am worried about my ghusl and wudu not being accepted given my irresponsible action with getting nail extensions. 
What would you advise me to do? I am really regretful at the moment and do not know whether to begin my prayers again and pray that Allah will accept them as I have the good intention or should I wait out until my real nails grow out to a length which will allow me to just clip off the artificial part. The last option does not seem the best as letting my nails grow out will take months and I really wish to return to Salah as soon as possible, and on top of that, Ramadan is also approaching soon. 
Any advice on this will be much appreciated.