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Atif asked 7 years ago


Here’s the thing, for years now I’ve been looking for a career or job that I really like, what I chose was animation. Then I learned that Muslims are not allowed to draw or make images of living things, which is quite a big thing for the animation field.
I checked online which led me to a Hadith that said all image makers will be in hell and so on, I asked a knowledgable brother and he said animation is fine because image making was used partly to do idol worship and depict bad things back then and as long as I don’t do that then it should be fine. Then I asked a local imam and told him about the Hadith, he said maybe animations could be used for very specific things(cartoon explaining Islam to children). Then he told me that because I’m a young man I need to hurry and find a job or career, after I told him that the only thing I wanted to to was animation he told me to go online and ask an imam or mufti and study this matter further.
As you can imagine after having looking for a while for something that I enjoy, learning that I’m not really allowed to do it Made me VERY depressed and confused, and now I’m quite lost because I don’t know what else to do for a living.
Any advice would be appreciated.