Rahma asked 4 years ago

Asalamu Alaikum
my name is Rahma and I’m 20 years old. I have a very complicated relationship with my siblings and am getting concerned with this. I have been reading about the bridge of Siraat during the hereafter and basically after you pass (inshallah we both will) you will he stopped and questioned for your relationship with your family. Alhamdulilah my mom and dad have a healthy relationship together but it’s my siblings I’m worried about. 

I haven’t spoken to my older sisters in a very long time, 3 years i think we’re going on 4. It’s very hard. I don’t bare any hatred or resentment I personally would love it if we just went our separate ways. Of course if either were in trouble I’d make the effort to assist them in any way but I just don’t see myself talking to them it’s very hard. 
is this haram? I really don’t know what I’m doing and I am very impatient with myself. I don’t see myself making any efforts into building our relationship because I honestly don’t want to. I was fine before the quarantine but things have been getting more difficult lately because we constantly see each other. Whenever I hear her voice or see her come in to the bedroom I get so frustrated and overwhelmed with anger.