Advice about my birth mother

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Zey asked 7 years ago

Assalam alaikum
My parents divorced when I was 3 years old. My mother didn’t want me so my father remarried and my step mum raised me as her own with soo much. I love my step mum unconditionally and she’s the only mother I’ve ever known although I knew she didn’t give birth to me. I saw my birth mum when I was 10 for a few days and then when I was 18 for a few days also. She never really bothered with me. Nowe I’m older (28) and I have a bit of money she’s trying to come back into my life and asking me for money. It’s all about the money. She gets angry when I don’t give her money. My father recently passed away so I was left with inheritance. She demanded I give her some of it. She said because she gave birth to me she has a right over all that which I own. I don’t know what to do. I try to love her but I find it so hard. I just can’t love her. I kind of dislike her at times. Am I going to go to hell for feeling this way? And do I have to give her my inheritance? I’m married also with my own children and she also has a husband and sons but she never bothers them. She doesn’t care about me at all. What should I do?