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MK asked 4 years ago

Assalumuallaikum brothers and sisters. I am a seventeen year old Muslim who has been struggling with an addiction to pornography. It has been a couple years now and I have attempted to stop myself multiple times but that is usually followed by a relapse as well as self-hatred. I know what I am doing is disgusting and I pray to Allah to help me stop but sometimes it is very hard to fight the urge because my chest begins to hurt and I felt like my heart would simply stop one time. I haven’t spoken to my family about it out of fear and humiliation. I also have no contact to any sheikhs where I am from so I have come on here to ask for your help. What do I do? And how do I end this addiction once and for all? Also, will Allah forgive me after I have repeated it multiple times? I am deeply ashamed and terrified of what might come from this.