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mohammed asked 4 years ago

Assalamualiakum, i had taken bank loans, used my credit cards to their limits and never paid them back when i was in london on a student visa and all this happened 10 years ago, now i feel guilty and want to repent, how can i fix this? My situation back then was worse, i was not able to earn much due to the recession period and my visa was held as i was not in the approved list of colleges, i was only able to renew my visa after paying a good amount in a recognized college, these college list updates all came as a sudden as the border agency deemed many small colleges at that time.
I took small amounts from each bank and few credit cards with the intention to leave UK and never come back and i did that, now its ten years and i can’t check my credit score as it is not showing up, requesting a ccj might not help a lot as it might not have all of the debt details, and i don’t want to risk anyone contacting me here in India as i don’t think i will be able to pay the entire amount + heavy interest they might have levied upon me by now. Please suggest what is the best way out to pay back, what can i do to fix this? JazakAllah Qair.