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Aslan asked 4 years ago

Salam alleikom.
My wife just told me the news that she is ecpecting. And i had told here to wait several times and she did not listen to me. I yold here to wait because i work a lot and i dont have time for children. The reason i work so mutch is because i want to in the feature have time for my children and family. I am also starting my studys in the unkversity. Inside i am happy for the news but i feel like this is a really bad time and i know that it is a bad thing to say. But to be honest i want to have time to be with my family to teach them to provide for them to be with them. But as the situation is now i feel like i wpnt be able to spend time for them i havent figured out of things yet. And she lied to me she toøs me she would wait but tricked me and got pregnant. She knows all my plans and how stressfull my days are. And i know that she is not ready for this. She is 1-2 weeks pregnant and my question is what does islam say about abortion on such an earley stage is this an option ? Is there any punishment for doing this even if in such a earley stage ? Please give an answer. I feel like i am lost. I dont know what to do to be happy or sad ? This is not how i was expeting this to be. And she lied to me i feel like she tricked me.