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Aisha asked 4 years ago

I ask this question with great shame but I am afraid and I do not know what to do. My husband and I were blessed with a baby boy 4 1/2 months ago and I just found out that I am pregnant today. My first pregnancy was relatively easy but it became really scary towards the end. My blood pressure was at stroke level. I had to be induced almost a month early. The induction itself was Terrible. It was a pretty traumatic experience. I also have had to deal with all the stress and exhaustion that comes with post-partum. My baby boy is not sleeping through the night so neither I or my husband are sleeping much and it’s been almost five months. I feel a great shame and guilt even asking this question as I know there are millions of people who are struggling to conceive. I know abortion is absolutely unacceptable but there are situations that are exceptions. I was wondered if my situation would be considered an exception