A dream of the prophet Muhammad

A dream of the prophet MuhammadCategory: ReligionA dream of the prophet Muhammad
Zaynab asked 3 years ago

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. I had a dream of the prophet muhammad (s.a.w) about two years ago and i wanted to find out if the description fit the messenger (s.a.w). In that dream he did not speak with me nor did i see his face rather i saw this noor it was n’t too bright nor the normal colour of light but i cannot exactly describe it. I also saw his son but they were not together i saw him in a different room i also did not see his face and saw thisame light that was of the prophet (s.a.w). We also did not talk but i was watching as another kid was almost like bullying him and he was being very patient. There were seens that happened including my name being called that i should come the prophet is here. At the end i was staring at the prophet and he was staring back at me. It didn’t feel scary however instead i felt very safe and felt very emotional. I saw that he was fit not like a bodybuilder but you could tell we was strong. He wasn’t too tall nor too short. When i looked up at him i raised my head a little but not too much his height was like perfect i could say. He wore a white garmet and it looked so bright and beutiful. He wasn’t fat nor was he slim but as i said he was fit. I couldn’t see his face as there was light on his face, it was somehow blue-ish but not blue exactly. I do not know if this was the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) i saw in my dream because i heard shaytan can take a different form (not of the prophet) then some people will think they saw him. I also saw his son which was like (4-6) years looking in the dream. I also didn’t see his face nor can i really remember his feutures as well as i can remember the prophet. Jazakallah khair.