Praying for our dear brother Shaykh Abdul Hameed Ismail

Our dear brother, Shyakh Abdul Hameed is currently fighting for his life in hospital after he was injured in a crash.

Brother Shaykh Abdul Hameed Ismail is a 31-year-old teacher and Islamic scholar, charity organiser and is one of the leading Islamic voices in the UK with a large pull amongst the youth.

His family, including his mother, Rosemina Ismail and his wife and three daughters are at his bedside.

He helps his mother’s charity Rosemina’s Outreach Project, which supports needy people here in Leicestershire and in other countries, including Syria.

Below is the latest message from his dear mother on his situation and the request for everyone to keep our brother in your duas.

“Please remember him in your duas that Allah gives him mentally, physically, financially and spiritually shifa and we get our Shyakh back more stronger to serve the Ummah inshallah, We need him vert much. Jazakallah to all for your continues support and duas during our tragic time. But after hardship comes ease. We have full faith in Allah that he will get us through this together inshallah”

Below is a range of videos we did with our dear brother, his islamic knowledge and messaging has benefited thousands of young Muslims, please keep praying for his recovery.



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