Paris Terror Attacks: Grand Mosques calls for Prayers

Paris Grand Mosque calls for prayers following Paris terror attacks

Grand Mosque responds to the Paris Terror Attacks

The Paris terror attacks that shocked the World has lead to The rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris to call on all French Imams to lead the faithful in Friday prayers for the victims.

Dalil Boubaker, the grand rector, spoke to the media and said,

“I appeal to imams to take part in a solemn prayer to show our compassion and share in the families’ sorrow.”

He was speaking after a minute of silence was observed across France and Europe in honour of the 129 victims of the Paris terror attacks that rocked Paris at the weekend.

Boubakeur voiced “horror” at the “unspeakable acts” which had targeted “absolutely innocent” Parisians.

He said,

“We, Muslims of France, can only insist on the need for national unity in opposing this misfortune which has afflicted us and which attacks indiscriminately.”

“We are all victims of this barbarity,” he said, repeating a call made by religious and political leaders after a series of attacks in January for people not to tar all Muslims with the same brush of extremism.

The terrorists behind Friday’s attacks on the national stadium, a packed concert hall and bars and restaurants were “people who call themselves Muslims but who should, by rights, be called barbarians”, he said.

Boubakeur observed the midday minute of silence on the steps of the Great Mosque, together with a handful of worshippers. Afterwards, they said a prayer for the victims and their families.

Imams from around the World have also spoken out about the Paris terror attacks also highlighting the terrorist attacks recently in Lebanon and Baghdad.

French Muslims will be under the spotlight following another set of attacks on the capital city, after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January. It is important the French Imams represent their communities and unite together during these difficult times.


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