Paris Teacher Beheading – Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

A teacher’s life has been taken by an extremist in Paris. 

Derogatory depictions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) cause deep pain and hurt to Muslims. Muslims love the Prophet more than themselves. There are some, however, that have disappointingly taken matters into their own hands after the republishing of the offensive cartoons.

Killings of individuals goes against all that the Prophet Muhammad stood for – tolerance, compassion and forgiveness. Neither our religion nor our Prophet (peace be upon him) needs defending by such sadistic political point-scoring individuals. 

Such gruesome acts of violence can never be justified in the name of Islam; such cowardice further taints our peaceful religion and increases hostility towards Muslims globally. 

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) always preached tolerance in his lifetime, despite many provocations and insults. If someone is insulting his memory, we can always protest using our democratic right. 

We should respectfully help those who may not hold the same beliefs as us to understand the deep hurt that we may feel when we perceive our faith to be undermined. We need to work together to counter divisive and hurtful narratives and not give rise to those that seek to exploit them. Extremists look to divide us but we must not play into their hateful rhetoric.

Imam Qari Asim, MBE

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