Oxfordshire Case Review into Child Sexual Exploitation – Statement from Makkah Mosque, Leeds

The Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board’s ‘Serious Case Review into Child Sexual Exploitation in Oxfordshire: from the experiences of Children A, B, C, D, E, and F’, released on 3 March 2015, states that the victims have been let down by those who were meant to care for them and obvious signs of abuse were either missed or not fully investigated.

The Serious Case Review states the perpetrators have been mainly from an Asian heritage, and with a mainly Muslim culture. The Serious Case Review also states that none was aware of evidence of “any holding back due to ethnicity” or “going easy to avoid offending cultural sensitivities or seeming politically incorrect”.

Imam of Makkah Mosque, Qari Asim MBE said: “Sexual predators come from all backgrounds and all sections of society. It is not credible to blame a whole community, as the Far Right are doing, for the acts of a tiny minority of criminals; such an agenda of hate and division will only deflect the attention from the real issue that we do not have a robust system in place to protect the vulnerable.”

Mr Morton, who led the Thames Valley Police investigation into the Oxfordshire cases, said the authorities had let the girls down for years before legal action was finally taken. The Serious Case Review reinforces this view: “The language used by professionals was one which saw the girls as the source not the victims of their extreme behaviour, and they received much less sympathy as a result.”

Imam Qari Asim said, “Any perceived racial tension or cultural sensitivity should never be a bar to applying the law and exposing criminals – whether they are predominately Muslims or of Pakistani heritage or not. Some groups are exploiting the cases of sexual grooming and are linking the depraved actions of the perpetrators to Islam. It is rather the lack of spirituality in the perpetrators that could be said to be one of the key factors in them committing such grossly sickening and deplorable acts”

Imam Qari Asim added:

“With a significant proportion of those found guilty nationally of group CSE being from a Pakistani and/or Muslim heritage, British Muslims of _77214787_spwv5qcbPakistani heritage must question why there are so many perpetrators of this evil crime in their midst. Prevention strategies must be put in place in conjunction with the relevant agencies.”

“It is abysmal if members of the British Pakistani community were aware that some individuals or gangs were exploiting children and young girls and they failed to report them to the relevant authorities.”

“There needs to be a more honest and open dialogue within our community so that it is clear to everyone that abuse or abusers within any of our communities will not be tolerated. We have a responsibility to stand up and protect the vulnerable in our society.”

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