Below are examples of the online coverage Imams and Imams Online has received for its work in countering extremist narratives and promoting community cohesion.


Imams Online magazine fights back against Jihadi propaganda



British Imams have launched a new magazine to ‘reclaim the internet’ from ISIS


the independent

Islamic magazine Haqiqah seeks to ‘drown out violent voices’ of ISIS and Al-Qaeda on the web


bbc news

Imams ‘try to reclaim internet’ with Haqiqah


ITV_ComBritish Imam Calls for More Checks to Stop Teens Going to Syria


MailOnline-logo‘British Imams Pay Solidarity Visits to French Imams and Jews’.


TOI_logo_twitter_400x400British Imams meet French Muslims, Jews in Solidarity Visit


Layout 1British Muslim Leaders in show of support for Jews during France Visits


ITV_Com‘British Imam: ‘I’m Proud of my Country and my Faith’


indexImam: Muslims Fear Backlash over Paris Massacre’


the asians‘British Muslims Condemn Paris Attacks’


brand‘Imams Unite to Fight Online Extremists’


index‘UK Imams Unite Against Online Extremists’


independent-logo-1Murder of Peter Kassig an ‘affront to Islam’ say British Imams


metro onlineCameron Describes Peter Kassig ‘beheading-video’ as Cold-Blooded Murder



Muslim Leaders Condemn Killing of Alan Henning



British Muslim Outrage at Evil and Barbaric Killing



British Muslims Condemn ISIS as ‘Real Enemies’ of Islam


newyorktimes-logoBritain Asks Imams to Curb Militant Islam’



UK Imams Put Fatwa on Jihadists



‘100 British Sunni-Shia Imams Denounce ISIS’



‘British Muslim leaders condemn ISIS’



Social Media Battle to Stop Islamist Fighters


‘100 UK imams urge British Muslims to stay away from Syria’



‘Terror plot fears spark extra checks at airports’ 


huffington post

‘British Jihadi in Syria pledges to return to the UK to ‘Raise the Black Flag of Islam’ 


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