On Patience

What can we learn from the great scholars about patience?

We are told often that patience is a virtue, in remaining patience amidst calamity, you can act as a voice of reason, providing support. As Ibn Al-Qayim said, panicking in a situation of calamity will in fact, make it worse.

It has not only this quality, but is the mannerism which prevents us from acting upon which is not good or pleasing, but rather guides us to correction.

So in starting a dialogue around the benefits and teachings of patience, lets engage with some definitions.

al-Junayd ibn Muḥammad – ‘It means swallowing gall without a frown.’

Dhū’l-Nūn – ‘Patience is to keep your distance from opposing (the commands of Allāh), to remain silent and composed while swallowing hefty portions of tribulation, and to show independence although poverty strikes you in every field of life.’

Abū ʿUthmān – ‘The continuously patient is one who has accustomed his soul to meet the onslaught of difficult circumstances.’

It is also said, ‘Patience is to face tribulation with fine fellowship just as one would face times of ease and well-being.’ The meaning of this is that servitude is due to Allāh in times of ease and hardship, as such he must accompany well-being with gratitude and tribulation with patience.

ʿAmr ibn ʿUthmān al-Makkī – ‘Patience is to stand firm with Allāh and to meet His tribulations with composure and welcome.’ The meaning of this is that one meets tribulation with an equanimity that contains no constriction, anger, or complaint.

al-Khawwāṣ – ‘Patience is to remain firm to the regulations of the Book and Sunnah.’

Ruwaym – ‘Patience is to abandon complaint.’ Hence he explained it by its outcome.

ʿAlī ibn Ṭālib, may Allāh be well pleased with him – ‘Patience is a stead that does not stumble or falter.’

Abū Muḥammad al-Jarīrī – ‘Patience is to not differentiate between a state of blessing and a state of trial, with peace of mind in both.’ I say: neither is this possible nor is it required for Allāh has created us in a way that out very nature distinguishes between the two states. What is required, however, is to restrain the soul from despair and complaint.

It is said, ‘Patience is that intellect and religion stand firm when faced with lusts and desires.’ Meaning that, that it is human nature runs to that that which we love, but sometimes intellect and religion prevent it. As such the two are at continuous war with each other, and this war has its ups and downs. The battlefield is the heart, but with patience the war can be tamed.

How has patience helped you in situations? How can we work towards increasing our levels of patience?


From a longer article at:  http://wise-web.org/2018/04/24/shama%CA%BEil-al-mu%E1%B8%A5ammadiyyah-prophetic-beauty-9-12/

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