Norwegian Muslims to form ‘Ring of Peace’ around Oslo Synagogue

Norwegian Muslims plan to form a “ring of peace” around a synagogue in Oslo this Saturday as a gesture of solidarity with the Jewish community in the Scandinavian country.

Two civilians were killed and five police were wounded in the two separate attacks in the Danish capital on Saturday.

 “Muslims wish to show that we deeply deplore all kinds of hatred toward Jews, and that we are there to support them. We will therefore create a human ring around the synagogue Saturday, February 21,” reads the description on a Facebook event page.

The upcoming gathering, organized by a group of young Norwegian Muslims, is set to be attended by more than 700 people, according to its Facebook page.

“We have received a lot of of support and empathy from many sides and it is heartening. It gives us a signal that we are not alone, and it curbs the fear,” Ervin Kohn, head of Oslo’s Jewish community told the Osloby newspaper.

The Diocese’s Messerschmidt called for ”unity among Christians, Muslims and Jews in the country” following the attacks on Saturday.

“The Catholic Church in Denmark Our first reaction to the attacks was to issue a joint statement condemning the attacks and with a call for unity among Christians, Muslims and Jews in the country. In the statement issued by the National Council of Churches together with Muslim organizations in Denmark on Sunday, they renounced the killings and called for “reconciliation, compassion and strengthened communities believing that we as God’s creatures are all equal human beings.”








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