‘Nadiya is a Great Reminder of who British Muslims are’ – Imam Qari Asim

Imam Qari Asim of Leeds Makkah Mosque has praised Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain as a “great reminder of who British Muslims are”.

Qari Asim, has spoken out about of his “huge relief” at how the nationn has taken Nadiya into their hearts, hailing her as “the face of today’s Britain”.

He said: “Despite being a Muslim, child of migrant parents, she isn’t accused of cooking up any kind of shariah flavoured sponge cakes or jihadi cookies. There has not been an allegation of “Islamification” of Britain by Nadiya via British Bake Off!

“There has been a huge sense of relief amongst British Muslims that one of their own has not talked about without negative connotations.

“British Bake Off has been a great advert of Britain’s multi-cultural melting pot. Whether we like it or not, Britain is a multi-cultural society with people of diverse backgrounds, views and abilities.

“British people need to cherish those things that unite us. Suspicion, lack of tolerance towards others, disregard for pluralism and cultural differences, are all breading hatred and division amongst people, and playing into the hands of those who want an ‘Us v Them’ scenario.

“Nadiya is a positive role model for young people, in particular British Muslims. She is someone that young people can look up to and start to believe in their abilities, and work hard to realise their dreams, despite the challenges, prejudice, or even discrimination that they may face.

“Nadiya has proven that Islam and Muslims have not subjugated their women or treat them as ‘second class’ citizens. She has defied every stereotype apportioned to Muslims. Further, she has proven that wearing a scarf or being a mother does not mean it’s the end of achieving one’s dreams.

“Nadiya is a great reminder of who British Muslims are and how talented, creative, honest, authentic and emotional they can be; and how their positive contribution can make us a proud country.

“Nadiya has demonstrated what Britain offers to everyone and what British Muslims can offer back to Britain.

“Many congratulations to Nadiya! She totally deserved to win. People of Leeds, Britain, Muslims across the globe are proud of her achievements!”

Qari Muhammad Asim

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