Muslims Usher in a New Year (1436 A.H) – Imams Reflect on the Year Ahead

On the weekend of the 25th October, 2014 the Muslim World ushered in a New Islamic Year. The New Year, dependant on the sighting of the Moon, begins with the Holy Month of Muharram. This month is one of four mentioned in the Qur’an as sacred and is reflected upon because of significant moments in Islamic History.


The Islamic History

The month of Muharram resonates with Muslims for two key moments in Islamic History. The 10th Day of the Month, known in Arabic as ‘Ashura‘, is both celebrated and commemorated in equal measure. It is celebrated by Muslims because it is the day that Moses (Musa) and his people became free from the tyranny of Pharoah. This day is remembered with a Fast and refelcted upon by all Muslims.

Its other signifiance is that the 10th is also the date of Imam Hussain’s Martydom at the Battle of Karbala. It holds a specific place in the hearts of the Shia community who aim to journey to Karbala and reflect on the sacrifice at the Shrine of Imam Hussain.


A Time to Reflect and Move Forward

There is no doubt that the year just gone has been particularly challenging for the Muslim community. Once again, the Muslims have had to face scrutiny and enquiries into their faith because of the actions of barbaric individuals acting in the name of Islam. It is a year that has seen the Muslims looking for leadership to show them the right way and act as beacons of support in times of need.

This new year will no doubt come with its own challenges and difficulties but it is an opportunity for Imams and Scholars to reflect on their role as community leaders and ensure that in the coming years, they can facilitate the Muslim community to progress and move forward. It provides an excellent opportunity for faith leaders to work towards the harmonious coexistence of humanity.


ImamsOnline takes this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We ask Allah Almighty to continue to shower His blessings on all of us and to make this a year in which we experience His Divine presence more than ever. We pray to our Lord that whatever the New Year brings, we meet it with a truly sincere and determined heart; having trust in our Lord that He will be there to carry us through the year.



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