Muslims Olympians who represented non-Muslim countries in Rio 2016

The Rio Olympics has come to an end after weeks of entertaining sporting events that has had the eyes of the world watching on. For Great Britain, it was the most successful Olympics in over 100 years – finishing 2nd in the medal count, ahead of China for the first time and with a record medal count. America finished first, dominating the event as they have done over the last two decades; finishing first in 5 of the last 6 Olympic games.

Leading up to the Olympics, we saw a really dark period around the world with terror attacks across nations such as; Turkey, France, America, Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia. Islam, and Muslims were in the spotlight, a negative rhetoric was being branded out against Muslims and Islam which saw an increase in hate crime. Islamophobia hit a new high very recently when an Imam was tragically murdered outside a Mosque in New York.

People have been questioning “Can Muslims thrive in the west in the modern times”?

Muslims have been directly contributing to their countries for generations, this was again shown on the world stage during the Olympics in Rio, with Muslims proudly representing their countries in various sports, playing their part in making history.  Below are some of the Muslim athletes who participated for their country in Rio 2016.


Mo Farah Rio 2016 Olympic image

Mo Farah made history in Rio 2016 becoming the first runner to complete the ‘double gold’ – cementing his place as an Olympic legend.

Ibtihaj Muhammad US Olympian

Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first Hijabi to represent Team US, she won a Bronze medal as part of the Fencing Sabre Team

Lutalo Muhammad Muslim Olympian

Lutalo Muhammad won a silver medal for Team GB in Taekwondo, the best achievement in the sport in British Olympic History

Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams is one of the best Rugby players in the world, he was unfortunately injured in New Zealand’s first game in the Olympics

Rabah Yusuf

Rabah Yusuf was apart of Team GB’s relay team

Mohamed Sibhi

Mohmed Sibji was a part of  Team GB rowing team and won a gold  medal

Qais Ashfaq

Qais Ashfaq represented Team GB in Boxing









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