Muslim Women in Peterborough Dispel ‘Myths’ About Islam

Original Article Published by ITV News

A group of Muslim women have been trying to break down some of the misconceptions about their faith in Peterborough.

The ‘Celebrating Women in Islam’ event was organised as part of a national initiative by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMYUK). The event was facilitated and jointly held by UKIM Masjid Khadijah.

Pink roses were handed out by the women in the city centre and passers-by were also offered the chance to try on a headscarf.


Event organiser, Salma Yaqoob said,

“We just wanted to come out and share the fact that we’re just like everyone else. We’re physiologically the same. We’ve got women who are leading their fields in Peterborough. We’re professional women, we’re mothers, we work, we organise events. So we just wanted to put a positive spin on things.”

It’s hoped the event will help the wider community understand more about the Muslim religion as well as improving community relations.

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