Muslim Teen’s Letter Goes Viral After Westminster Attack

An anonymous letter from a Muslim teenager, found rolled up on a bus, has gone viral following the Westminster attack.

Posted on the social news aggregation website Reddit, the letter begins “Dear Stranger, please read my letter. From, a Muslim” and talks about how it feels to be a black, hijab wearing Muslim girl in the days following the attack.

She describes leaving her house the day after the “horrible, horrible” attack, and feeling that people would “expect answers” from her. In class, she felt “all eyes on me” and recalls: “I felt flushed and not suddenly – almost guilty? What do I have to be guilty for?”

She describes her fear for her own safety in the wake of the attack. “Every Saturday I pass through Westminster and I had to think twice about it this time,” she writes. “I was scared that maybe I would be assaulted because of the many labels that come with wearing a hijab… ”

She then says she wants to become a lawyer one day, and fears for her own future. “Sometimes I wonder if that will happen and if I will be able to get a job 10 years down the line,” she writes. “I hope I can. It’s scary being a muslim as these horrible acts of terror are happening and I hope that I can still live here 50 years down the line and that my future children will get so see the beauty of London and the amazing who live here.”

Her sentiments seems to have resonated with readers as was evident from the influx of support and empathy for her feelings.


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