Muslim Charity Provides Food to Thousands of Impoverished in Bosnia

Initiative “Kurban” organized by the Muslim Charitable Society Merhamet , has the aim to help people in acute need, those who visit the soup kitchen on daily basis. The action “Kurban” is organized prior to Eid Al Adha and all people who want to donate meat or money can do so every day at the Merhamet premises.

During this action, the necessary quantities of meat are being ensured for the needs of the soup kitchen “Merhamet” and at the same time, this represents great help for the people who suffered due to the floods, people who are unemployed, demobilized soldiers, and many associations and social institutions. Considering the amount of poverty in Bosnia and Herzegovina, soup kitchens and actions like these are the only hope for this populations that depends on the good will of others.

The Muslim Charitable Society Merhamet organized this action in many Bosnian cities and they hope when Eid Al Adha comes, this action will provide each family a decent meal on their table on this special Muslim holiday. At a time when more than 44% of the population in Bosnia is unemployed, and when every one out of five family is on the verge of poverty, soup kitchens for many are the only way to get a meal every day.




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