Mourning the tragic loss of Sir David Amess

The UK is reeling in shock and grief after the violent killing of British lawmaker, MP Sir David Amess. We join the country in offering our sincere condolences to all his family, friends, and colleagues.

Amess, aged 69, was an important member of Parliament who represented Southend West in Essex. He was attacked at around midday Friday, 15th October, by a man who walked into a meeting with voters from his electoral district being held in a Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea.

Lawmakers from every corner of the political spectrum spoke of their sadness, their concern, and their anger after their colleague was killed while meeting with his constituents. “David was a man who believed passionately in this country and in its future,” PM Boris Johnson said in a statement from Downing Street. “We lost today a fine public servant.”

Muslim communities, including mosques, imams, and independent organizations, have also joined in mourning and commemorating Sir David, expressing their sadness while also condemning the attack.

Imam Qari Asim, MBE, (senior Imam at Makkah Mosque in Leeds) shares this powerful statement – “This is not a moment for us to fuel hatred and division but a time when all British communities should and will unite against this senseless murder of Sir David Amess MP whilst serving his constituents. We must not let this cowardly attack undermine our democracy and the values we hold as this is what the terrorists want. Whatever our belief, background or creed we should be united as one community rejecting intolerance and violence which has no place in our society. So many lives have been given over the last century precisely to defend these democratic values and protect our freedoms.”

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