Mosques to remain closed in the holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of reflection and reconnection with God Almighty and collective humanity. During Ramadan, we Muslims traditionally gather in large numbers for congregational prayers in Mosques and to break fast with family and friends.

Following the government’s announcement to extend the lockdown, Mosque buildings shall remain closed to the public in Ramadan until the lockdown is lifted.

Mosques and religio-social gatherings are at the centre of Muslim life. During Ramadan, it is going to be extremely painful and emotionally challenging not to be able to pray together in Mosques or hold Iftar events in the spirit of Ramadan. But we a have a religious and moral obligation to protect life and follow the medical advice to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

Imam Qari Asim, Senior Editor of Imams Online & Chair of MINAB, said:

“It would be deemed extremely irresponsible to congregate for night prayers (Tarawih prayer) or hold religious gatherings during this Ramadan in any Mosque or houses with people who are not members of the immediate household.

During the epidemic, the desire to perform prayers with a congregation in a Mosque comes second to saving lives.

We applaud the efforts of Imams and mosques, across the country, that have continued to provide religious and spiritual guidance through online and creative ways, whilst the doors of mosques sadly remain closed during this period.”

It is inspirational to see that a large number of Muslims are participating in volunteering initiatives serving the most vulnerable in their neighbourhoods during this epidemic.

We pray that we can observe Ramadan faithfully and safely, accompanying each other through spiritual, moral and emotional support.


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