Mosques Re-Opening: Symbolic Spiritual Moment

The government’s announcement to open places of worship from 4 July is very welcome.

The reopening of nation’s sacred spaces for communal prayer is a tremendously positive and symbolic step and something that the faith communities have been eagerly waiting for.

Mosques fulfil a vital spiritual dimension in the lives of Muslims and the re-opening of mosques will play a huge role in the processes of healing and providing a memorable flame hope to the community. It will be a monumental moment for British Muslims to collectively pray in the Houses of God- thanking God for the safety of everyone in our country and praying for those precious souls who departed this world during the covid19 pandemic.

Covid-19 is still present and poses a threat to life, with higher cases within BAME communities, and therefore appropriate safety measures must be taken to minimise risk to health when our places of worship do open. With this in mind, the MINAB has prepared interim suggestive guidelines for mosques to start putting processes in place to enable re-opening. This would include measures such as risk assessments, distance markings, controls at entrances and exits.

Imam Qari Asim MBE.


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