Mosque goes high-tech for the teachings of Islam

Bradofrd AppA Bradford Mosque is set to offer a new mobile app as the perfect way to teach Islam to members of its local community.

The new software is described as a hybrid app, which means it can be used on various mobile platforms, and its developers say it is the first of its kind in the UK.

The app will be officially unveiled at an event at the Al-Jamia Suffa-Tul-Islam, also known as the Bradford Grand Mosque.

The software has been been designed to pull live content directly from the Mosque, allowing people to stay up-to-date with events, religious teachings, and daily prayers.

App developer Ataa-ur-Rahman said it was a “fantastic” way to access religious knowledge which brought a new dimension of digital technology to the Muslim community.

“The app is a great introduction to the new digital platform,” he said.

“Nearly half of the population now embrace modern technology, and as a mosque we always try to work with communities and find effective ways of communicating with them.

“This app is the perfect way to teach people our religion.

“The design has had a lot of local input and we have been developing and trailing this app for over a year now.

“It is now time that people see this beneficial app for themselves.”

The app brings together elements including the Holy Qur’an, poetry in praise of the Prophet Muhammad, and critiques interpreting the true message of Islam in a contemporary manner.

Developers said it was built using the latest in web and mobile application technologies, putting it at “the forefront of the mobile software revolution.”

It is aimed at the local Musilm community, but members of the Mosque also hope it will provide a great platform for non-Muslims to engage with Islam as a religion and learn about its teachings and beliefs.

A team of volunteers from the Grand Mosque came together last year to start work on the app, and Mohammed Riaz, the Mosque’s chairman, said it would be a “great addition for Bradford.”

“We are showing people what our religion is about through modern technology,” he said.

“We are launching the app in a small conference tomorrow, as we want to introduce people to it, as well as getting them to download the app for use on a daily basis.”


(Source: Bradford Telegraph & Argus)

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