Mosque Attacked in Norway as Anti-Muslim Attacks Continue To Rise

A young white man opened fire inside mosque Al-Noor Islamic Centre near #Oslo, #Norway. This terrorist attack has left an elderly 75-year-old worshipper injured. 

Imam Qari Asim said: “This attack in a mosque in Oslo is extremely worrying as this shooting comes just before Muslims prepare for #EidAlAdha festival when mosques will be full. Naturally, British Muslims are concerned about the security of their mosques.

AntiMuslimHatred is resulting in Muslims being targeted in Mosques. The shooter wants to spread hatred and fear. We ask Muslims to remain vigilant but not give into extremists who want to destroy our Civilization of coexistence.

Hate and terror must be stamped out by confronting all those who promote an ideology and philosophy based on hate and terror.

The places of worship funding, announced by the government, is still open. It can help mosques to take steps to improve their security and reduce the vulnerabilities so that people are free to practice their faith without fear of attack.”

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