Messages of peace, hope and unity: religious leaders all over the world react to Sri Lanka attacks

On Easter Sunday, a series of deadly attacks were carried out in Sri Lanka, killing 310 people and leaving 500 people injured. Religious leaders from across the globe have reacted to these barbaric attacks  by offering their condolences as well as to spread hope and unity.

Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Egypt’s al-Azhar Mosque says terrorists’ actions go against all religious teachings

“I cannot imagine a human being could target the peaceful on their celebration day, those terrorists’ perverted disposition goes against the teachings of all religions. I pray that God grants patience to the families of the casualties and recovery to the injured.”

In February, Pope Francis and Sheikh Tayeb signed a document on “human fraternity for world peace,” hailed by the Vatican as an “important step forward in the dialogue between Christians and Muslims.”

Adam Kelwick, a Muslim Chaplain from Liverpool, England also condemned the barbaric Sri Lankan attacks. He stated on his social media, “If you knew how many laws in Islam were broken by the diabolical attacks on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, you wouldn’t call the perpetrators “Islamic” any more”


Imam Zaid Shakir is a Muslim American scholar issued a statement on his social media condemning the Sri Lankan attacks. He stated “Their religion is hate, it is meaningless because no matter what religion the murderers claim, that religion rejects them. If the criminals turn out to identify themselves as Muslims, they should know that Islam does not accept them. Our Prophet (peace and blessings of God upon him) made that clear when he stated, “The murderer does not remain a believer at the time that he kills.” In other words, when he engages in such a grave violation of the sanctity of life, a sanctity affirmed by Islamic teachings, faith is stripped away from him and he is left staring into the abyss of his savage, uncivilized, beastly nature.


Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Finland, stated “the barbaric Sri Lankan attacks can never get justified. We pray for all the victims and a quick recovery for all the injured. We pray that may God grant the people of Sri Lanka patience and solace in these difficult times”.

The management team at Rumi Mosque in London stated, “We are saddened by this horrific, barbaric and cowardly planned act in the houses of worshippers and tourist hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. This is a callous massacre carried out by the repulsive terrorists in the name of whatsoever, this is -no matter who does it and for what purpose- the greatest blow, brutal inhuman act carried out against the peace, all religious valves and mankind. For this reason, no one can approve of such terrorist activity.”

Following the Sri Lankan attacks, senior officials from faith-based backgrounds came together to discuss protection measures for the safety of Sri Lankan citizens. Below shows an image of Imam,Muftī Rizwie, President of the supreme body of Islamic Theologians in Sri Lanka (Jamiyyathul Ulama) and the Sri Lankan Muslim leadership meeting with the Head of the church in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka.

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