Love overcomes hate – Dinner with the English Defence League

LOVE OVERCOMES HATE – Dinner with the English Defence League to conclude a miraculous evening

In a search for clarity, yesterday’s much spoken of, intense and dubbed a ‘’Dangerous and Controversial’’ event, which saw the Police guard our event from potential trouble makers, discussing ‘IS IT NOW TIME FOR SHARIA LAW IN THE UK’ under our ‘Tough Questions and Honest Answers’ series about the Muslim religion brought together a packed crowd of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Atheists, the L.G.B.T (lesbian/Gay) community, and members of the Far-right, the English Defence League, in which one member was wearing a T-shirt celebrating ‘Enoch Powell’ and stood up during the event and shouted “This is a Christian country and we only follow a Christian God here.”

Another member from the Far right, who was doing a Live Facebook feed of the event, left early after not being able to drag one of our speakers into an argument. He left immediately after a member of L.G.B.T (lesbian/Gay) community told him to be quiet, coupled with one of our speakers reassuring him with the following words; “I hear your complaints and share many of them, so there’s no need to argue, we agree. Shall we do something together to solve these problems?” A third individual from the far right EDL approached one of our speakers after the event and told him how much he liked and agreed with what he was saying. He also said he believed he was sincere and he would pray for him.

In a twist of events, the man, who stood up during the event and shouted “This is a Christian country and we only follow a Christian God here”, stayed towards the end of the programme and accepted our invitation to have dinner with us and our speakers, where he admitted that he was involved in the past with some very extreme organisations and had been investigated by police for links to extremism and terrorism. Towards the end of the night, he said; “I can’t believe I’ve witnessed so much generosity from the people I’ve been brought up to hate.”

Shaykh Adam Kelwick said: ‘’What we witnessed tonight was nothing short of miracle and it just goes to show that sometimes all we need to do is sit down and listen to each other for amazing things to happen.’’

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mayor and Mayoress of Preston, faith and civic leaders across Preston and beyond for attending for their overwhelming support, and most importantly the general public who strongly felt that the evening had cleared up their misconceptions on Sharia Law and Islam, and the 15 thousand plus people who watched our event ONLINE.

Please click the following Link for photos of the event and a recorded video from our Facebook page:

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