London’s Muslim Community Provides Aid to Grenfell Tower Victims

Following a tragic fire that engulfed the 24 storey, Grenfell Tower housing block in the London Borough of Chelsea and Kensington, the local London Muslim community rallied to provide support and comfort in any way they could. The tragic fire has so far claimed the lives of 6 people with this number expected to rise. Fire crews were on the scene very quickly and worked through the night and into the early hours of Wednesday morning battling the flames and trying to rescue as many people as they could.

Some of the first community responders to come to the aid of the victims and provide support, shelter and food for those that had been left stranded and homeless by this tragedy were faith communities from across West London. Alongside churches and temples, Mosques and the Muslim community rallied to provide support in any way they could.

The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in Ladbroke Grove, situated very close to the scene of the fire, opened its doors to people of all faiths and none if they required shelter and put out a call for the community to drop off food and clothing to the Mosque as a place of refuge. The response was overwhelming with people streaming into to drop of supplies and clothing to help those most directly affected by this tragedy.



In addition to the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, Muslim charities and other Muslim community initiatives also responded to the call. Muslim Aid volunteers were on the scene to help direct others to their nearest support centers and worked with the local community to facilitate the collection and effective distribution of supplies that were being donated.

The Ramadan Tent Project, which is a grassroots led initiative in the month of Ramadan that invites people from all backgrounds to share in the breaking of the fast meal and a chance to meet with Muslims and foster new friendships, has also pledged their support to the victims of this tragedy by offering over 400 free cooked meals.



In addition to donating physical supplies and providing shelter to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, the Muslim community have also started a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for the families and victims that have been left stranded and homeless.

All funds raised via the campaign will support the victims and their families to rebuild their lives as well as provide immediate support to residents of the Tower by the local community such as food, clothing, essentials and toiletries. Volunteers are working with the local Emergency Services to ensure funds are distributed to help the victims and their families directly.



We continue to pray for the victims of this tragedy and encourage everyone to donate whatever they can to help support those that have been affected.

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