London Mosque Hosts Jewish Community for ‘Sukkah’

On Sunday 23rd October, members of the The Al-Khoei Foundation teamed up with Brondesbury Park United Synagogue in to host their Sukkah, a ‘booth’ used to commemorate the Jewish exodus from Egypt during the festival of Sukkot.

Hundreds turned up to the breakfast on Sunday, the end of a week long series of events which began with the construction of the tent like structure next to the Mosque walls and included classes in Hebrew and Arabic.

Rabbi Baruch Levine, Rabbi of the Brondesbury Park Synagogue, said:

“The Sukkah invites us to reflect on the importance of the structures we build in our lives, both physical and perhaps more importantly, the interpersonal and intercommunal structures which underpin a civil society. This makes Sukkot an ideal time to strengthen ties with our neighbouring communities.”

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