LIVE Facebook Jummah Reminders From Across The World – Weekly During Coronavirus Lockdown

Imams Online during the global #COVID19 lockdown have put together a weekly LIVE Friday Jummah reminder series. This will consist of a Facebook live from 3 different countries every Friday during the month of Ramadan and beyond. The aim is to showcase the global work being done by Imams and Mosques to use modern technology to reach millions of people during these difficult times.

View Shaykh Huzaifa’s Video

View Shaykh Senay Video

View Shaykh Mesbah’s Video



Watch Shaykh Huzaifa’s video


Watch Sheikh Sulaimaan Ravat’s Video

Watch Dr Mahmood Chandia’s Video 

Watch Imam Mohamed Magid’s Video



View Shaykh Hazaifa’s Video

View Shaykh Osman Khan’ Video

View Dr Shaykh Tarek Elgawhary’s Video

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