Leeds Muslim Council releases Statement of Solidarity with Alan Henning’s Family

Muslims stand in solidarity with Alan Henning’s family


Leeds Muslim Council unequivocally condemns the cold and callous murder of an aid worker, Alan Henning. We offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Alan Henning.

The barbaric and despicable acts of pseudo ‘Islamic State’ are absolutely contrary to the teachings of Islam.

Imam of Makakh Mosque,  Dr Qari Asim said: “ISIS or IS neither speak for Islam nor their poisonous ideology is shared by Muslims across the globe.

Alan Henning was best of British and a caring individual. His burning passion and courage to help people in need will continue to inspire generations. His savage murder is not only an attack on an individual, but an attack on the whole humanitarian cause. Through their evil actions, ISIS have shown that they are an affront to human dignity and human conscience.

Over the last few weeks, prominent British Muslims have pleaded to ISIS to see the errors of their ways and release Alan Henning, in the name of God, but ISIS have shown that they have no respect for humanity.

ISIL want to create fear in the hearts of people. The heinous crimes of IS must not be allowed to destabilise the good relationships that exist between faith groups and communities in Britain.

We stand in solidarity with Alan Henning’s family and resolve to stand united against barbaric acts of ISIS.”

4th October 2014


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