Conference: Leadership, Authority and Representation in British Muslim Communities

Cardiff University is holding a conference on ‘Leadership, Authority and Representation in British Muslim Communities’.  The conference has been organised by Cardiff University’s Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK and will be held in Cardiff University on Monday 21st January 2019.

The Centre focusses on sociological and anthropological methodology, aiming to promote scholarly and public understandings of Islam and the life of Muslim communities in the UK.

The conference on ‘Leadership, Authority and Representation in British Muslim Communities’ will be held in Cardiff University on Monday 21st January 2019.

This one-day conference aims to bring together academics and activists to explore issues of leadership, authority and representation in British Muslim communities. 

Questions such as:

Who speaks for British Muslims?  How is authority construed, constructed and exercised in an age of mass media and the Internet?  What internal and external factors shape leadership structures and modalities of representation for British Muslims living as a minority in a culturally Christian but largely secular social context?  Where do leaders come from in a decentralised religious tradition lacking a priestly hierarchy?  How do government discourses and media representations impact upon dynamics of leadership and authority in British Muslim communities?

These questions will be answered through key note speeches from: 

Ataullah Siddiqui (Markfield Institute of Higher Education)


Shaukat Warraich (Chief Editor Imams Online)

Panel Discussion on ‘The Future Role of Imams in the UK’ with:

  • Saleem Kidwai (Chair)
  • Shuruq Naguib
  • Atif Imtiaz
  • Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera
  • Myriam Francois-Cerrah
  • Imam Qari Asim
  • Rehanah Sadiq

Important Links 

The full conference programme can be found here

If you are interested in attending, the Registration Closes 5pm, Wednesday 9th January 2019, follow the link here to register your interest. Please note you do not have to present a paper or be an academic to attend, but you must register your details via the Cardiss online portal by the registration deadline.

Note they will not accepting payment on the day; therefore, you must have registered and paid in advance of the registration deadline. The conference fee is £30 which includes a vegetarian lunch and refreshments. However, a concessionary rate of £15 is available for imams, students and the unwaged. Please select the appropriate option when completing your registration. 

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