Launching the Talk To An Imam Service



There is a substantial increase in the number of young western Muslims seeking religious advice and guidance to their everyday issues. Naturally, those best placed to offer this guidance are Islamic Scholars, Imams and Alimahs. However, given the disconnect between young Muslims and traditional institutions, there is a barrier to access this religious leadership and a perception that the advice being given lacks relevance or a contextual understanding to the time and place contemporary young Muslims are living in.

The current climate of COVID-19, we have seen on Imams Online an increase of young Muslims wanting to speak to Imams about a range of issues and topics. Imams Online has always advocated for the need to amplify the voices of credible Islamic leadership and is committed to developing technologically integrated means of access to this leadership. This need for accessible, forward-thinking and engaging leaders that can provide contextual religious guidance to young Muslims has been the catalyst for us to develop Talk to an Imam’ – an innovative, user focused solution to this issue that we would like you to be part of.


What is it?

‘Talk to an Imam’ will take the form of an online platform that provides accessible, authentic and confidential religious counsel. The platform will be accessible to all, and for a small fee, users gain access to Imams and Alimahs that offer circumstantial advice and guidance through either face-to-face video or voice calling. Similar to online GP services, the platform will be centered on an appointment system which will allow users to schedule specific time slots to discuss their issues with the faith leaders we have available. We will also integrate customer reviews to promote user generated authenticity, acknowledgment and achievement.

The platform will display the relevant expertise and specialties of the Imams and Alimahs involved to help increase a personalised experience and whatever issues users need to discuss, be it marriage, divorce, sexual/mental health or anything else, they will have the confidence of being able to speak to someone with relevant skills and in-depth understandings of the issue.


Supporting the work of Imams & Alimahs

This service will provide flexible working hours, increased influence, skills development and financial benefit to the Imams and Alimahs involved. As the daily lives of Imams and Alimahs are extremely busy, the appointment system allows the religious leaders involved the freedom to choose their own working hours. Whether it is a couple of hours in the evenings or a full day on the weekend, you as the Imam/Alimah can work when it suits you.

Additionally, the service will provide you with financial reward. We are firm believers in the need to pay religious leaders for their work and this paid-for counselling service will offer remuneration for your consultation. We are also committed to facilitating CPD for faith leaders. Being involved with Talk to an Imam will provide you an opportunity to enhance your interpersonal and counselling skills as well as refresher courses (delivered by Imams Online) to keep you up to date with changing legislations and social trends.

Finally, the platform will increase your influence as a faith leader and community mediator. It will allow you to utilize the knowledge and skills you have learnt to help those in need and bridge a much-needed communication and generational gap between faith leaders and young adherents to Islam.


How to be involved

Register your interest in being involved in Talk to an Imam – the booking process is launching in August, we will be touch once you apply here: 

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