#KhutbahForAleppo – Call for Dedicated Friday Sermons on Aleppo

The battle between pro-government forces and rebels in the Syrian city of Aleppo has escalated to unprecedented levels of savagery and violence as pro-government forces advance on homes and buildings, indiscriminately killing citizens and reducing the city to rubble via a barrage of air strikes.

The current, ongoing situation in Aleppo has left onlookers from across the world mortified and helpless as they witness the brutality taking place. Social media is awash with harrowing images, videos and on the ground testimonies showing first-hand the levels of violence and brutality the people of the city are currently facing.

On Monday 12th December, an official UN report confirmed the killing of 82 civilians on the spot at the hands of pro-Assad government forces with the violence continuing throughout the week, culminating in the forced evacuation of Syrians out of the city and the fate of 100,000+ civilians still uncertain as they retreat further into the city and become trapped in buildings seeking refuge.

Within this context, Imams Online is calling for British Imams across the country to focus their Friday sermons to highlight the plight of the Syrian people and to encourage their congregations to give as much aid as they can to help alleviate the suffering and to pray for the safety and security of those that still reside in the city.

The Imams and Scholars taking part in this Friday Sermon ‘call to action’ hope that it serves as a reminder of the importance Islam places in standing up and actively confronting injustices and oppression wherever it takes place in the world, be it Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Burma or even here at home with the rise in hate crimes and Islamophobia.

Shaukat Warraich, Chief Editor of Imams Online and facilitator of this initiative said,

It is more important than ever for Imams to use their influence to highlight contemporary issues. It is heart-breaking to see what is happening in Aleppo and it can cause the community to feel helpless to do anything. The congregational prayers on Friday give Imams and faith leaders the opportunity to provide encouragement, guidance and reminders on the importance of offering prayers and giving aid to those in need”.

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