Japan’s inspirational Imam

Japan, famous for its sushi, ninjas and sumo, is also home to some inspirational Imams.

Mizz Nina travels to meet with local imams and hear about their stories of embracing Islam and practicing it in Japan.

First stop, Tokyo Cami Mosque where Nina meets with Imam Ahmad Maeno

Nina: What was it about Islam that attracted you to it?

Sheikh Ahmed: I used to believe that Islam was such a fanatic horrible religion, and not worth looking at. Although I started my journey searching for the truth at the age of 14, Islam was the last thing that came to my mind, that it may be the one.To that extent it was all negative.

Nina: So, what made that change?

Sheikh Ahmed:The change was given by Allah swt through meeting and encountering a true and beautiful Muslim family in Melbourne Australia. I was there as an exchange student around the age of 17 or 18.

Nina: Was it there you decided you wanted to be a Muslim?

Sheikh Ahmed: I almost had a key, and a chance to come closer to Islam. The final decision to become a Muslim was made in Japan after coming back to Japan.

Nina: Can you share the moment you decided you wanted to be a Muslim?

Sheikh Ahmed: Let me tell you a little bit about that stage, why I started searching for the truth. It was my trial to answer the call of a heavenly nature, fire, by 15 my ego, nafs awoke. My nafs wanted to know where I come from, where am I going to and why am I living for?

I thought I would take the religion of a Buddhist monk. No family members were religion. I never thought Islam would be the truth. During my study time in Melbourne I met the family, my first time to meet a Muslim family, they treated me nicely, kindly, generously so slowly slowly the biased viewpoint went against Islam. One day the father gave me the English translation of the Quran. He gave it to me saying, “Read this book, and think by yourself.” That attitude made me happy because I felt that he respects my ability to think, although I was only 18. My heart melted.

I came back to Japan and began to study about Islam with my own eyes. And Subhanallah the more I studied Islam, the more I found it match with the true religion I was looking for.

You can find the full interview here!




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