Islamic scholars must unite to combat extremism

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Shaykha Safia Shahid (pic), a British Muslim preacher, in voicing her views, said that the Isis militant group had severely tarnished the image of Islam, causing people of other faiths around the world to discriminate against Muslims.

“In the UK, our brothers and sisters are being discriminated although they (Muslim community) disapprove of Isis’s violent acts,” she said after delivering a public lecture titled “Dismantling terrorism: An Islamic obligation” at the International Institute of Advance Islamic Studies (Iais) in Kuala Lumpur.

In order to put a stop to Isis activities and to regain the beauty of Islam, Shaykha Safia said Islamic scholars around the world need a solid declaration to reject Isis and spread awareness through the social media to combat their activities.

“We need to unite because only then we can eradicate extremism movement. Our ulama and Islamic scholars should also be an expert of social media as extremists, such as the Isis militants, are using social media to spread their influence.”

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Source: Malaysia Insider

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